We practice what we call ‘Shaveology’.

Shaveology is what you get if you take traditional hot towel wet shaves out of the barbershop and mix it with elements of male grooming, and beauty and massage techniques, to create the perfect gentlemen’s treatment.

It has been devised by Patrick Bryan, a professional masseur for 20 years and a shaveologist for eight, to include the highlights of the best shaves he’s had in his travels, particularly India and Turkey, and with traditional old school English barbers back in the 1970’s and 80’s (when he was a very young man!).

Little traditional details, like dusting with talc after the shave, alongside threading and singeing, added to massage techniques, all combine in a truly relaxing, pampering treatment.

Our shaveologists come from a wide range of backgrounds (massage/beauty/hairdressing/barbering) and we encourage them to use these skills in their shaves.

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